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Our Story

HuntShack is a family-owned business providing services to hunters and outdoor outfitters. We’re passionate about fair-chase, ethical hunting and the great outdoors, and have hunted in many countries around the world. We love all things hunting. When we’re not hunting – or preparing for hunting – we’re outdoors fishing, camping, four-wheel driving, hiking or just basking in the natural beauty.

Our Motivation

Sure, we love all things hunting, but our motivation for starting HuntShack is actually a little deeper. Society is becoming more removed from reality, where their food is sourced from, and even what real conservation is. As a result, there is increasing hostility towards hunters and the hunting lifestyle.

Our motivation comes from wanting to combat some of the opposition through education and sharing the truth of our lifestyle, not the lies. As hunters, we respect the animals we harvest. We practice ethical, fair-chase hunting. Hunting is deeply imbedded in our cultural heritage, and needs to be preserved. Our desire is to see new people getting into hunting, learning how to reconnect with the food they eat, and practicing a more realistic way of life.

We share some of this education through our Learn portal, and through our Facebook and Instagram channels. We have even started a Focus on the Hunt group on Facebook to encourage more open dialogue around hunting. In 2018, we will continue to grow our learning portal, adding hunting reviews, product reviews, game recipes, hunting tutorials and anything else that helps people better understand what we’re passionate about. We are also planning a new TV show focusing on the hunt called I Am Hunter.


What we do

At its core, HuntShack is an agency for outdoor outfitters around the world. We have hunting concessions available in Australia, New Zealand and Africa that are suitable for both rifle hunting and bowhunting.

Our team also serve as social influencers for the hunting industry, and our website as an educational resource for those wanting to learn more about the hunting lifestyle.

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