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Do animal activists do more harm than good?

Cat with dead bird

Being hunters online, it’s not uncommon to receive some hate from the anti-hunting brigade, but while it’s often fun to banter with them, the truly scary thought is how uneducated they are when it comes to real conservation. Very few animal activists have any idea the harm that their ideology is causing to animal populations.

Yes, that’s right – animal activists, for all their good intentions, could end up being responsible for entire animal species becoming extinct!

Take the feral cat for instance. Most sane and logical people realise that we have a major problem with feral cats. In fact, in Australia, the problem is so bad that the Australian Government has declared a state of emergency and implemented programs to cull, bait and otherwise kill off up to 2 million feral cats:

Feral street cats

Even PETA, that organisation that usually froths at the mouth at the idea of killing animals, supports a feral cat cull in Australia.

But there’s a whole heap of animal activists protesting the cull, calling the action cruel and unconscionable. Just one petition alone garnered 8,973 signatures. Just a few days ago, I was astounded to read some of the comments on a Facebook video about Australian cat hunters, with some fools issuing death threats to the hunters who are doing a good thing.

The problem is, those activists have never witnessed the devastation a single feral cat can cause. When they think of cats, they imagine the cute, cuddly furball curled up on their couch. They even have emotional outbursts about how the cats are just homeless and need to be loved!

Right – seems it’s time for a reality check for some people.

In Australia alone, conservative estimates put the feral cat population at somewhere around 4 million. Each cat can kill between 5 – 30 animals a day. They don’t just kill for food. They often kill for fun (have you ever watched your pet cat play with a mouse and not eat it?). Now you do the maths. At the low end of the scale, 4,000,000 x 5 = 20 million animals a day being killed by cats.

Even if we were to give the animal activists the benefit of the doubt, as they don’t believe the estimates on populations, and assume there were only half a million feral cats in Australia, that’s still an awfully large number of animals being killed by cats (~2.5 mil per day).

Scientists believe feral cats are threatening the survival of over 100 native species in Australia. According to Department of the Environment and Energy in Australia, feral cats have already caused the extinction of some ground-dwelling birds and smaller mammals, and are a major threat to endangered animals such as bilbies, bandicoots, bettongs and numbats.

And let’s put this into perspective. This is just one animal that the animal activists are currently trying to protect. Here’s a list of just some of the other feral animals the activists are trying to save, all of which do untold damage to our environment and native animals:

Of the 21 completely extinct animals in Australia, the red fox and the wild cat have directly contributed to the extinction of 19 species.

Feral cat with dead possum
Photo credit: Marika Maxwell, Invasive Animals CRC via ABC News

That’s not even taking into account the millions of wild deer, wild horses and wild cattle doing damage to our environment. And remember, this is Australia only. Extrapolate these problems around the world and you’ll quickly see that the current ideology of these animal rights activists is not just unsustainable. It’s downright irresponsible.

Unfortunately, animal activism is grounded in emotion rather than fact, and some of that blame lies at the feet of Walt Disney! Instead of anthropomorphising animals and giving them human traits and human names, realise that humans have a responsibility to keep animal populations in check.

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