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Why would you use a hunting guide?

What benefit do you get from using a hunting guide?

There is a pretty clear distinction between hunters who are willing to pay for guiding services and those who refuse to. Now, it is a pretty honourable feat to enter such large swathes of territory alone and come out with a buck worthy of your effort. Especially so, considering you have no control over the land or who enters it.

My family and I have spent the last 7 years doing exactly that in the Tasmanian highlands hunting fallow deer. However, say that your one of those hunters who wants to diversify. You want to hunt more than just one species and hunt more than one patch of land.

Hunting guideKnowing everything about one species, in one particular area – that’s doable. Many hunters become the expert in their own backyard. But knowing everything about 3 or 4 or 5 areas and the game species in every one of those locations? That’s where a guide steps in to fill the gap.

The guide is the expert in their particular area. They put up cameras, they scout, they hike, they camp, they explore. A guide knows everything about the location they hunt. They also know the animals there because they could spend the time and money so that they would.

They can tell you exactly what kind of trophy to expect and help put you onto a great animal. While your blood is rushing and the adrenaline is flowing, they are there to make sure you get the best animal.

Hunting in AfricaNow the land may not be public, but that doesn’t make it easier to hunt. The animals are wild and unpredictable just the same as those on public land. And, we are still talking about thousands of acres of land that the animals have to hide in.

However, you have an ace up your sleeve – a guide.

You could spend countless months and years chasing the animal of your dreams, spending money on tents, and sleep systems, and packs.

Or, you could save that money to pay for a hunt of a lifetime, get your big buck and do it all again in a year or two.

You don’t have to choose. Hunt your local land and become the resident expert. Then, hunt with a guide, use their knowledge and end up with a few more animals to show on your wall.

If you would like to take advantage of an extra set of hands, you can check out our guided hunts in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa by heading to our hunting page.

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