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Best DIY Christmas Decorations for Hunters

Antler Christmas decoration

Let’s be honest, you just can’t have enough hunting related stuff in your house and Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean your decorations have to be “traditional” and non-hunting. Below you will see some of my favourite options for hunting Christmas decorations that are super easy to make.

*Disclaimer: none of these are actually mine – I just trawled Pinterest and found my favourites. I’ll post the links from their actual articles that give all the info on how to make them.*

  • Ammo Bauble 
    This one is made by A Thrifty Mom and is super easy to make. Would be a cool idea to put in your spent rounds for the year for the hunts you went on. Please, whatever you do, don’t use live ammo!

Ammo Bauble with Pine

  • Antler Wreath
    This one was posted by Touch of the South Down Under on Pinterest. Super easy to make and all you need is a wreath from the store and some sheds you’ve picked up from the year.

Antler Christmas Wreath

  • Pheasant Feather Bauble
    Posted on the By Stephanie Lyn website – this ornament is said to bring sophistication and glamour… or a touch of hunting to your tree. Easy to make and can be given as a gift.

Pheasant Feather Christmas Bauble

  • Ammo Casing Christmas Tree
    Posted by Galafrey Wines on Pinterest – this decoration is really nice for a centre piece on a table or a decoration around the house. Easy done with some spent casings and means you can go to the range and shoot a whole heap to get the casings. 

Bullet Casing Christmas Tree Decoration

These are all super easy and you can use different variations and make them your own. If you decide to use any or have any hunting related decorations already up in your house send us a photo!

You can share these cool ideas with your friends and family using the links below:

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