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Group Hunting Holidays

Tailor made hunting holiday for your group

If you have a group of hunters looking for an awesome experience, we can tailor make an all-inclusive hunting holiday specifically for you. 

Think of it like a Contiki tour designed for hunters by hunters. Not only will you have the chance to hunt some amazing trophy species, we can also arrange a number of sightseeing and other activities for you to do in the local area. 

Depending on the location and the interests of the group, when you’re not hunting, you could be doing anything from flying down river in an adrenaline pumping jet boat ride and bungee jumping off a bridge in the mountains of New Zealand, to riding elephants and visiting cultural villages in the heart of South Africa. Other activities could include backcountry horse riding, fly fishing, canoeing or feeding baby lions.

Available for groups of 4 or more hunters in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

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