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Greater Kudu ( Tragelaphus Strepsiceros)

About the Greater Kudu

Also known as the Grey Ghost, the Greater Kudu is one of Africa’s largest antelope species. These elusive animals get their nickname from their amazing ability to disappear into the dense bushland known as Bushveld. Greater Kudu are found throughout eastern and southern Africa. They avoid plains areas devoid of bushes for fear of predators.


The Greater Kudu are the second largest species of antelope, after the Eland. On average a kudu bull weighs between 190 – 270kgs (420 – 600lbs), while cows weigh between 120 – 210kgs (260 – 460lbs). Kudu bulls stand around 160cms tall at the shoulder, whereas the females are substantially smaller, standing at around 100cms tall at the shoulder.

Greater Kudu coats can range in colour from a bluish-grey to a reddish-brown. They have thin, white stripes running vertically down their torso and small white markings between their eyes. Male Kudu have long spiralled horns and large beards/manes running down the front of their neck and chest. The females are smaller bodied and lack both the horns and beard.


In the wild, the Greater Kudu will live an average of 7 – 8 years. The females will form small social groups of around 6 – 10 females and offspring whereas the males are usually more solitary sometimes forming small bachelor groups of younger males. Solitary males will join female groups in mating season.

Kudu reach sexual maturity between 1 and 3 years of age – the females reaching maturity before the males. A Kudu cow’s gestational period is around 240 days (8 months).

Trophy Kudu hunt in Africa

Hunting Kudu 

To hunt a Greater Kudu you should be using a rifle calibre of .308 or larger. If bow hunting your draw weight should be between 55 – 65 pounds and using an arrow of around 500 – 600 grains. These things will ensure an ethical kill and get you well on your way to a successful hunt.


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