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Rod has been hunting for so long, we’re pretty sure he popped right out of the womb, clutching his first .22! Growing up in rural Australia, Rod was raised on a strong foundation of safety and ethics.

As a young kid, he earned his first income trapping foxes and rabbits for their fur, and doing crop protection and pest control for local farmers. And, in his free time, he hunted in the surrounding bush.

Fast forward forty years and that passion is stronger than ever. In fact, we’re pretty sure hunting is in Rod’s blood.


If there’s one thing Jess has always possessed, it’s a mind of her own. As a child, she wanted to be a vet, and spent most of her free-time rescuing animals and hiding them in her bedroom! She even teetered on the edge of the vegetarian-cliff, much to her father’s horror. 

Thankfully, at 17, she saw the light, accompanying some friends on a hunting trip in Outback Queensland. 

Eight years later, Jess is an accomplished hunter and all-round outdoors-woman, determined to be a strong role model for her son, as well as other female hunters in the industry.


How do you go from accident-prone middle child to Everybody’s Favourite? With quick wit and a winning personality.

As the unofficial and often-accidental comedic star of the I Am Hunter show, Tash’s light-hearted approach to advocacy is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often takes itself too seriously.

Tash puts her social skills and background in radio to good use managing our social media, promotional and online activities.

Tash is also the resident Record Holder for biggest red deer and the only successful bow hunter in the team (no, Jess, ground squirrels don’t count!).

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