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Hunting in Australia

Hunting in Australia

Australia is a beautiful destination to come and hunt. You can trek through mountainous bushland, wide open plains, and tropical wetlands all within the one state. In Australia you can hunt deer, buffalo, kangaroos/wallabies and various small game and feral species.

Hunting in Australia
Hunt Water Buffalo in the Northern Territory

Water Buffalo BullCome and hunt with us on one of the largest Aboriginal reserves in Australia – Arnhem Land. Our concession is located about 100 kms from Katherine. This is the first time that this area has been professionally hunted. Access to it is granted only by permission from the traditional owners of the land.

As it has been closed to the public until now, the animal populations have exploded. There is an abundance of water buffalo, scrub bull, feral donkeys and pigs, dingos and kangaroos – and they are all able to be hunted in one of our packages. Prices start from $8,000 AUD for a trophy water buffalo hunt.

What is included

Accommodation is in the Aboriginal community where you will stay alongside the local trackers who will help you on your hunt. While out on your hunt, they will show you how to track an animal by its prints in the dirt and how to find your own ‘bush tucker’ (edible native plants). They might even try to test your resolve with a few local legends about wild bushman and Min Min lights.

Everything is taken care of on our hunts from airport transfers, meals and accomodation to bedding and toiletries. Our guide, Nondas, also has a number of rifles capable of hunting water buffalo that you are welcome to borrow for your hunt.

Water buffalo chargingOur packages include:

  • Trophy and guiding fees
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks while on your hunt)
  • Airport transfers
  • Permits and permission to hunt
  • Transport around the hunting area in air conditioned 4x4s
The hunting season

The climate in the Northern Territory is tropical with a wet and a dry season. Hunting takes place from late-June to November when the temperature is milder and before the heavy rain makes access to the land very difficult. Earlier in this period (Jun-Aug), hunting will take place mostly on foot as it is still relatively cool. August is a great time to book a hunt with us if you would like the opportunity to spend 1-2 nights camping out in the bush. As the weather warms up (Sep-Nov), the animals will spend more time in and around the billabongs trying to cool off. This is great for bowhunting but it does mean that a lot of ground will be covered in the air conditioned hunting vehicles.

Aboriginal Art

The indigenous people of Australia used story telling to pass knowledge down through the generations. One of the most important forms of this was through their artwork. The evidence of this is still visible in rock paintings that date back more than 20,000 years.

To help you remember the story of your hunt, you can choose to have your trophy euro mounted and painted in traditional Aboriginal art. This process incurs an additional fee that is paid to the artist who paints your trophies. This is a beautiful and unique way to memorialise your hunt in the Northern Territory.

Art on buffalo skull

Learn to hunt

Meat hunting in AustraliaIf you are new to hunting, we can offer you one of our Learn to Hunt packages where you will learn everything you need to know to get started. You will learn about firearms safety basics, shot placement, spot and stalk hunting, field dressing your trophies and butchering your meat. This course is open to both rifle and bow hunters. You need to have a current firearms license to do this course as a rifle hunter. If you don’t have one but would like to learn how to rifle hunt, check out our hunting packages in New Zealand and Africa.

Our hunting packages all include guide and trophy fees, accommodation and meals for the duration of the hunt, as well as field preparation of your trophies.


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