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Australia is a beautiful destination to come and hunt.
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Hunting New Zealand is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
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Hunting in Africa is a hunters’ dream with such a wide variety of game species to hunt.
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It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been hunting for years, we can all use a little help to improve our skills. Check out our blog...

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Whether you want to hunt the trophy of a lifetime, fill your freezer with meat, or learn to hunt, we take the hassle out of booking a hunt.

Hunting holidays

Think of it like a Contiki tour only one designed for hunters by hunters. Not only will you have the chance to hunt some amazing trophy species, but...

Hunting is what we do

HuntShack provides hunting holidays, meat hunts, and learn to hunt packages in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand for rifle and bowhunters. We have meat and trophy hunting packages for deer, antelope, buffalo, big game, predators, wingshooting and feral animals.

Learn more about hunting, game cooking, gun maintenance, and the hunting industry with our Hunting Blog, connect with other hunters by becoming part of our Facebook hunting community, or check out I Am Hunter, our upcoming platform built by hunters, for hunters.

HuntShack also provides agency, marketing, business and game management services to hunting, fishing and outdoor companies.

Our mission

Society is becoming increasingly disconnected from reality. Most people today simply buy their food from a supermarket. They no longer see a connection to where that food was sourced from – that animals must die for humans to eat. And, it’s not just about eating meat. All food production comes at a cost. To live in a house or apartment, animals have to sacrifice their habitat. Even conservation is an issue full of complexities, contradictions and plenty of confusion. It doesn’t help that perceptions are often fuelled by the human-like qualities given to animals in so many movies today.

But life is not a Disney movie.

At HuntShack, we want to change the conversation about hunting. To educate and advocate for the industry. To share the truth about our lifestyle instead of the lies and misconceptions. We want to show people that most hunters are ethical, and respect the animals they harvest. For people to learn that hunting and conservation go hand-in-hand. Most of all, we want to create a community where hunters can come together to learn and connect with each other while teaching people that hunting still plays an important role in modern society.

We are passionate about sharing our ethos of ethical, fair-chase hunting. We pride ourselves on being authentic and want to share this authenticity with our audience through education and advocacy, and by joining with like-minded organisations and brands to further this message.

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Celebrities that Hunt - Kid Rock
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Celebrities that hunt

Even though the narrative being pushed throughout Hollywood lately leans more toward the animal rights/veganism side of things, there are still celebrities out there that

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Sarah Ranger
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This is a wonderful page that gives interesting and helpful information about hunting here in Australia and around the world. Highly recommended!
Jaco Pieterse
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Very helpful, any info asked for is received promptly and super friendly, excited to be joining them on a hunt in the future
Damien Collard
Read More
Extremely knowledgeable business. Staff are super friendly and really know their stuff. Highly recommend.
Willem Gertenbach
Read More
This is a great page with heaps of information about hunting in Australia and abroad. Rod and his family are dedicated to what they do and will always look out for their clients.With their hunting experience and the added benefit of getting some piece of mind who you will be hunting with should you decide to hunt abroad is a massive plus to make use of his crew. Great work guys keep it up.
Andrew Hooper
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I have had the pleasure of hunting with The HuntShack team, The way Rod, Tash and Jess go about their hunting is to be commended, They have great Knowledge and the 2 girls would have to be some of the best shots going around, It was an absolute pleasure and I'm looking forward to next time
Manish Jithender
Read More
It's a family oriented business. Well, business might not be the right word, because Huntshack is not all about raking in the moolah. You can see a genuine passion for what they do. And they have the courage to stand up for their beliefs. Looks like the young ladies have learnt all the right things from their Dad. Keep it going Huntshack. I'd love to join you someday.
Craig Verrier
Read More
All your content is getting better as you go along. Keep up the great work. We need more of this.
Tom Davis
Read More
I like the sound of their ideals. They seem to be on the right track. My view is if you kill it, you eat it, you can't kill it you don't eat it. People these days don't realise where food comes from. Good on this firm
Daniel Tribolet
Read More
Passionate hunters with great skills.